There has been a lot of focus in recent years on Mental, Physical and Nutritional fitness, and rightly so – but what about Financial Fitness? This area often causes problems in people’s lives.

“Financial fitness is not a pipe dream or a state of mind, it’s a reality if you are willing to pursue it and embrace it” –

Will Robinson

What level of fitness would you assign to your current finances? Are you optimistic about your prospects for maintaining or improving your lifestyle? Take our Financial Fitness quiz now and see how “fit” you really are! 

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Take our quick quiz and see how financially fit you really are. 

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Are You Financially Fit?

Financial Fitness Quiz

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Financial Management

  1. I have enough money each month to pay my rent/mortgage and other household expenses

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2. I have enough money to pay for an unexpected emergency, such as a large car repair.

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3. I have a written plan (budget) for spending and/or saving my money

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  1. I save regularly for medium and long-term financial goals, such as education for my children, a house, new car etc 

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  1. I have money spread across different types of investments and accounts (e.g., stocks, bonds, managed funds , property, prize bonds etc)

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  1. I am contributing towards a Pension either personally or through my employer

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Insurance & Estate Planning

  1. I have Specified illness Cover or Income Protection to cover “significant unforeseen events” such as an injury, serious illness or disability.

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  1. I have life assurance in place to clear outstanding debts and leave a lump sum for my dependents in the event of death.

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  1. I have a current and up to date will.

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  1. I pay credit card bills in full to avoid interest charges.