Success Leaves Clues 

Tony Robbins the world famous motivational speaker and self empowerment advocate has a favourite saying, success leaves clues. What does this mean? Well Tony reckons if you study successful business leaders, athletes and entrepreneurs you can pick up some clues on how they became successful.

John O’Driscoll talks to Jonathan Healy of Red Business 

John O’Driscoll appeared on Jonathan Healy’s Red Business Podcast to discuss the launch of and how the process of online financial advice really works.

Financial Fitness’s John O’Driscoll interviewed on Radio Kerry 

Founder of John O’Driscoll was delighted to appear on Radio Kerry to discuss the area of Personal Finances in a Post Covid 19 environment.  

Financial advice from Warren Buffett, and why you should heed it! 

Warren Buffett is a self made billionaire, one of the most successful investors of all time.  I have picked my top 5 Buffett quotes and why you should follow them.

Financial lessons learned from Covid 19 

As a financial adviser I deal with the financial worries and concerns people have at present. Aa we emerge into the “new normal” there are some financial lessons we can all learn from this pandemic